The Mourning After

Meanwhile... Underneath Honest Ja'wn's Sack.

The darkness and smell of a burlap sack over the face, and the cold pinch of steel manacles on the wrists. Yep, he’d been kidnapped.

“Ja’wn, Honest. Captain. 421D Roughriders. Serial number 14…”

“Yes, yes Mr. Ja’wn we see all of this on your ID papers.” A familiar gruff voice answered.

“I see that House Tharashk has gotten into the pick pocketing and kidnapping business now…interesting. Hi Marl!”

“Hiya sir. How…” The Half-giant was quickly silenced by his partner.

“Don’t be coy with us Ja’wn. By the way…Honest? Is that really your name?” Troff asked.
Judging by the musky smell of fish and the sound of people they were in a cart near the harbor.

“Since birth. By the way, was it bright to march me through the harbor in chains?”

“Don’t worry sir. No friends of Aundair here. The Reachers think less of your Queen’s spies than they do of the stuff that plops out of their horses.”

“Aundair? I’m Cyran, you see that on…”

“Your papers? Yes, because it’s hard for a Royal Eye to have so papers forged? They handed these out to every mourner who stumbled out of the mist. Can it. We have your shipment. It didn’t take much for us to remove the prestidigitation your warforged friend cast on it. We want to know who told you about them.”

“Royal Eye…oh that is rich.” Ja’wn laughed but stopped quickly as his laughter just shot hot air into the sack over his head causing him to sweat.

“You’ve got some nasty stuff in this box Ja’wn. Nasty business to get into.”

“…and what business is this exactly?”

“I’m asking the questions here friend.”

“I thought I didn’t have any friends.”



“Drive faster, so I don’t stick this spy before we get to your friend’s place.”

“Uldwar’s a good druid. He’ll help us get to Mom.”

The smell of the town left his nostrils. They were on the open road.
“Hope the raiders don’t get us.” Ja’wn scoffed.

“Raiders don’t go where we are going.” Troff laughed.

The air cooled and what little light could be felt from under the sack faded. The smell of trees permeated Ja’wn’s nostrils.

“Last time I was in these woods I was almost wolf food.”

“Don’t worry Ja’wn I’ll protect us.” Marl sounded cheerful and sure of himself.

“Once we get the truth out of you, then you’ll need protection.” Troff said as he lit what smelled to Ja’wn to be a Fairhaven Sweetleaf pipe.

“For a Reacher, you smoke Aundairian tobacco…”

“For a captured spy, you speak too much. “ Troff said puffing a blast of smoke into Ja’wn’s face. Ja’wn liked the smoke. Reminded him of home.

“Gonna take a bit. Rest Mr. Ja’wn.” Marl said.

Honest didn’t want to sleep…but … he just …couldn’t…keep…his eyes…open.

“Sleepy time. Lights out.” Troff snapped.



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