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The 20th of Ollarune, 994 YK

T he Day of Mourning marked more than the beginning of the end of the Last War, it was the end of a nation. On that day the nation of Cyre was destroyed in a holocaust of fire and magic. No one could have imagined the devastation in store. And the invading armies were not spared. The skies are said to have burned so brightly that soldiers at Angwar Keep in Thrane were blinded. In the end virtually everyone within the borders of what is now the Mournland perished.

In a single horrible moment a nation was destroyed, a continent was scarred, and the world was changed forever. For the surviving members of the Cyran 421st Delta Roughriders their lives were forever altered. Cyre, jewel of Galifar, and home to the 421st was gone, twisted into a desolate wasteland. Now six years later the Cyran army is disbanded, but the 421st stays together. Instead of fighting for life, liberty and fraternity they fight for food, funds, and family.


The 15th of Barrakas, 1000yk

The 421st have made their way to Aundair as soldiers of fortune. Taking any work that crosses their path to keep them alive. Through a series of random events on a typical escort job they have been set upon a journey that may alter the course of their lives and the world forever.

The Mourning After is a 4th Edition Eberron Campaign played weekly.


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The Mourning After

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