The 421st Delta Roughriders

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Created in 901yk in Metrol, the 421st Roughrider Company was created to fight a guerrilla war within Cyre’s borders. The squads of the 421st were first formed by General Theodore Ir’Rossvulter. This division, originally designed to be used as a highly mobile recon and fast action force, devolved over years of fighting a threat fronted battle into a highly trained national defense force. Roughriders were hand picked in the beginning, later accepting volunteers, conscripts and “lost causes”. The 421st Roughriders were dealt horrible blows to their membership over the years through bloody suicide missions against larger and better armed forces and during the latter part of the war their numbers were whittled down to an “elite” handful. By the 994yk the Roughriders squads had lost 90% of its members. Only Alpha company and Delta company remained on the day of the Mourning.

The 421st Delta Roughriders were present at over 22 major battles between the active years between 901yk – 994yk, and countless skirmishes over the course of the conflict.

Originally comprised of 52 members in 901yk, the Delta Roughriders were commanded by Captain Garret Kaiser. No original member of the 421st Delta Roughriders was not killed or horrible wounded in combat.

Honest Ja’wn took over the squad at the battle of the Mason Valley after the commanding officer was slain on the 23rd of Sypheros 988yk.


Honest Ja’wn- The tiefling Captain and commander of the Roughriders. Ja’wn was a great tactician and leader during the last war. His fiery bloodline and devilish appearance aided his appearance as a vicious solider. His silver tongue and winner-take-all attitude made him a rapid riser through military ranks during the war. Now, with the war over he attempts to hold his unit together and maintain order, while quelling the dark thoughts that dwell within him.

Egnarac- The dragonborn Lieutenant Commander and Roughriders 2nd in command. Egnarac was an honorable and loyal soldier. This made him the perfect candidate for command of his own unit. Due to spin placed on actions taken by the 421st on the day of their original captain’s death Ja’wn was given command. Egnarac, called “Eggs” by many, a shot at his hatchling heritage, has begrudgingly but dutifully followed Ja’wn ever since. Once a happy family man with a wife and child, Engarac now fights to keep the only family he has left.

Arc248- The Roughriders’ arcane specialist. Built in the city of Making during the final years of warforged development, Arc248 was shipped to the 421st Delta Roughriders in error. The unit was due to receive a new scouting unit designed for work in recon. Arc248 adapted to the recon unit, casting offensive spells, and working to be the best scout he could be. Ja’wn, feeling as though having a loyal spellcaster with cold, calculating reason skills provided a great advantage to his unit, never reported the shipping mistake and kept Arc248 with the unit. Though Arc248’s loyalty may be by design, he has not abandoned his unit in this new age of Warforged independence. He works actively for the good of the unit, and to forward his own understanding of his mysterious arcane nature.

Kiri Applefield- Private first class, and sniper. Kiri was born to a large family of farmers in rural Cyre. One of 13 children, she was never raised to be a soldier. At the age of her family farm was beset upon by a Thranite terror squad lead by “The Silver Crusader” General Charr. (See Session 1: Here’s to the Mourning) The 421st, who were scouting for the location of the Thranite cavalry at the time, came upon Kiri’s family farm as it burned. She was the only survivor and was being savagely beaten by a group of terror squad conscripts. The 421st rescued her and due to necessity adopted her as one of their own. Kiri discovered quickly that her skills with a bow could be useful to the unit (Apples). An orphan trained by Egnarac to be a scout and raised by a military unit for years, 18 year old Kiri has developed a love of the drink and a bleak outlook on life. The unit is all she has left.

Arden Colt – Private, and loose cannon. A student in the Cyran Arcane Academy, Arden Colt’s magical talents were eclipsed at an early age with his lust for violence. Upon joining the 421st Arden had been in military service longer than Captain Ja’wn. With the slightest bit of discipline and tact Arden would have at least been a sergeant. However, a record of rash behavior and blatant disregard for superiors saw Arden demoted to private 4 different times. His magical aptitude and bloodlust lead him to fight in the front lines rather than casting spells from a distance. On the day of Mourning Arden Colt was struck in the chest by a piece of shrapnel. This wound changed him forever (Wounds). Now he fights to survive and help his brothers in arms survive in a hostile world where everything appears to be against him, and he loves every minute of it.

The 421st Delta Roughriders

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