Modified Heavy Hoplite Spear of Modular Arcane Design

weapon (melee)

Bastard Sword Proficiency Bonus +3 Damage 1d10

Enchantment: Spend a short rest meditating over the sword while it is touching another enchanted weapon. The Sword will take on quality of the other weapon’s enchantment in one of 2 ways. It may either take on the enhancement bonus, or the Power/Properties of the weapon. After taking either one, the enchantment on the original weapon is dissipated, becoming a mundane weapon.


The spear was originally of Cyran design for the Heavy Hoplite Infantry units guarding the high ranking officials and spell-casters. Later in the War, the command structure sought a more mobile defense without sacrificing its efficiency. Rune workers and wizards within the Cyran Academy came up with an infused substance, intricately warded, that would absorb, substitute and hold enchantments from touching items. This allowed the infantry to alter their defenses to quickly face new challenges without the need of carrying multiple (and quite heavy) spears. Unfortunately, the alchemy and magicks that went into the spear’s design were lost in the Mourning. Few have been found outside of the Mournlands, and are treasured but those who have.

One such spear is in the possession of Arden Colt. With the shaft, normally over 20 feet long, broken to the size of a hilt, he wields the massive blade as a bastard sword. Named after the Cyran mythological creature that could mimic the future of others, Arden calls his sword Vardoger.


The Mourning After CJfhtagn