Searcher for house Tharashk. Marl's partner. Shifter.


Troff never liked the city. Fairhaven was no place for a shifter. The fact that he was sent there by his family to gain a proper education made him laugh. “What do shifters need education for? We are primal spirits, at one with the planet. We don’t need some dusty tome read by some out-of-touch old man with a grey beard to tell us about what we feel in our blood!” Troff gave this speech to his Aundairian parents, who promptly ignored it and sent him to study at Fairhaven. He delivered the same speech to his professor of arcane philosophy after promptly flunking his dissertation. The professor’s detest for the shifter could been seen in the scowl burning through his thick grey beard. Troff dropped out of Aundairian academia and began looking for work. He worked the streets as an inexpensive inquisitive drudging up information on stolen goods and cheating husbands. He left Fairhaven and all ties to his family when Eldeen seceded. He found work with house Tharashk as a “searcher” and was paired with his partner Marl on numerous missions that took them deep into the “Towering Wood”.



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