The Teeth Machine

OH GOD! WHAT'S IN THE BOX????!!?!?!?!


What is in the box?

Of seemingly impregnable design, this crate made of aged dense-wood with a large “feed chute” jutting out of the top is most certainly more than it appears to be. Approaching the box the sounds of chewing, crunching, and a high pitch gibbering alien language can be heard emanating from the box. Scrawled in crude hand writing by a previous owner on a sign dangling from the feed chute are the words: “Da Teef Machine”.

The party first encountered “The Teeth Machine” while rummaging through a camp of Mockery-worshipping cannibal orcs. Rather than simply ignore the crate, the group decided to quickly dispose of it by chucking it, quite unceremoniously, into Lake Galifar. However, as Arc248, Kiri, and Egnarac retreated from the now destroyed camp, they noticed the crate seemed to be following them, floating along the shore line against the current. Rather than allow this mysterious crate to simply stalk them from the water the recon team performed some recon, sending Arc248’s familiar on a suicide mission into the crate’s “feed chute”. Once inside the group caught a momentary glimpse of the contents of The Teeth Machine.

Glowing red eyes and rows of razor sharp gnashing teeth.

This was all that could be discerned before the familiar’s spirit form was devoured. Further investigation lead the party to bring the crate on shore. Whatever was in the crate could speak, though the language is unknown. Using magic Arc248 discerned that the creature has a powerful and insatiable hunger. “Hungry.” “HUNGRY!” Kiri named the crate “Errg.” Arc248 believes it would like to be called “Hungry”. The party has adopted the crate as some sort of pet. It’s true nature still unknown, and possibly of dreaded demonic origin.

The Teeth Machine

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