The Mourning After

Session 8

It's a cave, boy. . .a cave of WONDERS.

The group pulls into a glen. The water is cool and inviting. After months on the road with baths few and far between, Kiri jumps into the water and splashes around while the rest of the unit scopes out the place, checking for the entrance to the mysterious cave.

When Arc enters the cave, long vines wrap around him and attack. Honest and Eggs rush to his rescue. Arden yells to Kiri to get out of the water and rushes to help the rest of his unit. As Kiri turns over, a massive shape is circling in the bottom of the pool and she panics, swimming as fast as she can toward the shore. Before she can clammor out, the water pushes her out on t try land with tremendous force. She fumbles toward her gear, which was sitting next to the water, and then begins strapping everything on in earnest.



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