The Mourning After

Session 10

A Beholder, an Gnoll, and a human sit down at a table. . .

The group travels to Greenheart and they stop at the Highfern Inn for the night. Troff, their illustrious guide, attends to business with his boss and leaves the RoughRiders unattended for a night. Clearly there could never be a flaw in THAT logic. To make things even better, the group also splits up – half in the bar and half at the cart. The 421st makes good choices.

At the Cart: Arc and Honest Ja’wn watch the cart outside, lacking the common sense to actually ask about a place to stow it for the night. As Arc stands watch, he notices a young man staring at the cart or him. Arc approaches him but warforged are a little scary so the man runs away, resulting in a high speed chase. The chase ends with a tackle and a great deal of threatening from Arc, who tells the boy that if he doesn’t get the information he wants, the boy will cease to live. This causes the boy to spill his guts and his bowels, which ruins some surprisingly well made and fancy garments.

The boy, terrified, tells Arc that a man paid him 5 gold to watch the cart and then imitates Troff’s voice perfectly. Suspecting foul play on Troff’s part, Arc thanks the boy, gives him a gold, and lets him go. The boy is upset and obviously not used to that kind of humiliation and treatment so he runs off, telling Arc that he will be sorry.

At the Inn:

After days of traveling, Arden is looking for a stiff drink and Kiri is looking for something to relieve the tedium of plodding along in the forest without an exciting mission. In an effort to be friendly, she insults the bartender so she tries to find her fun elsewhere. She drags Arden into a seemingly harmless game of dice with a strange bunch of creatures. It gets stranger when a Beholder sits down. Since Kiri is apparently so schooled in the nature of the world around her (or so very drunk. . .) she finds this completely normal and whines until Arden agrees to play. Tension at the table runs high when Iz, the beholder, insists that the stakes are too low. Kiri, obviously making more great decisions, throws down the crystal that she pulled from the observatory where they had spoken to their past selves. The party watches on in a fascinated horror as the Beholder sends an underling to retrieve a briefcase because he doesn’t have anything worth the crystal. The briefcase contains several shards, but they were unable to identify them in the heat of the game.

As all the other opponents get knocked out, the dice game comes down to Kiri and Iz. Kiri uses her knowledge of his (very obvious) tells and her generally low skill at bluffing to finally beat him after several rounds. Iz leaves in a furious huff but then Arden receives a notification that the bar tab has been prepaid and he can order as he wishes. This fulfills a lifelong fantasy of his and sends him on a drunken adventure outside of the bar, into the heart of the town. Kiri and the captain go upstairs with her immense pile of winnings from the dice game because they were worried about theft or retribution from the owner if he changed his mind.



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